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[aprssig] APRS Icons on Garmin Receivers

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 11 13:50:01 UTC 2007

Joel Maslak wrote:
> *anyone* ever made a random voice alert contact?  It  seems to be far 
> easier to work rare DX than to talk to another APRS  user).

I've done it a few times. A couple of locals, some truckers moving 
through the area on the Interstate, once on a road trip.

It's also handy for "domestic" communications.

   My wife usualy turns down the volume on the voice side, but the APRS 
side stays turned up.  If she hears a packet she turns up the volume on 
the voice side  in case it's me.(she won't bother with actually seeing 
who's  call is being transmitted).  If I hear her one of her packets, I 
do a quick ID on the APRS side and she turns up the volume on the voice 
side and calls me.

If we are out of simplex range, she knows the tone for an incoming 
message and makes sure the volume is up on the voice side just in case 
I'm trying to ge ahold of her.  (need to get her a voice module one of 
these days...)
Randy Allen, KAØAZS

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