[aprssig] D700-external PIC processing

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Feb 11 08:31:37 CST 2007

Wow, neat info!

> > In "APRS" mode, the D700's internal firmware creates an 
> > APRS terminal on the control head's screen and sends 
> > nothing to the serial port.
> ... [but] There is a command you can send to put it in a
> ... monitor mode so that you can see lots of data:
> LIST 01,KG4WSV-7,34338200087047001,/#,,4,S,W3,ALn X-Digi 
> LIST 01,K4JCH-6,34356200086203901,/-,,4, ,Johns home
> LIST 01,N4JDB-1,34263900087228301,/_,,6, ,West Lawrence Co.,


My guess is that CSE is stored as 1-to-8 for the cardinatl
points of the compass.  The above examples have no speed?  Not
sure about that.

But if this is true, then SOMONE should write a PIC processor to
parse out of theese packets, any FREQUNCY info an either display
it or something.  I wonder if you SELECT one of these stations
on the LIST and hit OK, will it output the above data for that

If so, then a PIC couild then parse out the frequency info and
put it back into side B and there you have one-button TUNE
capability to someone that is transmitting his frequency.!  The
format for FREQUENCY has been established as the first 10 bytes
of the STATUS text field if available.


> -Jason
> kg4wsv
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