[aprssig] Weather station path?

Art KY1K at verizon.net
Sun Feb 11 08:58:04 CST 2007

Thanks Keith,

I've been reading the mail here for sometime, glad I got it somewhere 
near correct.

I appreciate your reply. You found me almost exactly with the 
longitude and latitude you used at findu.

I used findu to study some of the paths used by locals before calling 
one on the phone to get his 'in person' recommendations.

You are the only one who replied, I guess my message was pretty 
boring to the old salts who are seasoned professionals. Thanks for 
the info you gave me.



  At 06:02 PM 2/10/2007, you wrote:
>Art K0RX wrote...
>>I have a newly assembled K0RX weather station...
>>It will transmit on 144.39 Mhz. But, I need to know what
>>path to program in... I was told to use an unproto path of
>>RELAY, WIDE2-2. I'd like it to be digipeated locally, and
>>to go through enough digi's so that it makes the nearest
>>internet gateway... I think the biggest issue I can remember
>>from previous discussions here is that the RELAY path
>>should not be used
>That is correct... RELAY is obsolete in North America and should NOT 
>be used. Try a path of WIDE2-1 for a one hop path. If you can hit a 
>'high" digi, your weather data will be visible anywhere in the 
>footprint of that digi. If you need a two-hop path to either spread 
>your WX data a bit further, or to hit an IGate, instead use WIDE2-2. 
>Don't use WIDE1-1 from a fixed station. Give these suggestions a try 
>and see how you make out.
>Just keep in mind that RELAY, WIDE, and TRACEn-N are obsolete in 
>North America. If you know anyone that is still using them, try some 
>gentle persuasion to get them to update their settings whether they 
>are mobile stations or digi operators. The "universal' setting in 
>North America is WIDE2-2 for fixed stations unless you need less in 
>which case WIDE2-1 would be recommended. For mobiles, 
>WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 would be the recommended setting. A few (very few) 
>places might need a slightly longer path.
>Is this close enough to central Maine?
>It looks like a number of stations are using paths longer than the 
>two hops. It could be that more than two hops are needed, but I 
>would be very surprised. Some of the weather stations I looked at 
>were using one or two hop paths.
>73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
>"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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