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[aprssig] D700-external PIC processing

Dennis Hudson n2lbt at spamcop.net
Sun Feb 11 15:48:47 UTC 2007

Would be cool to have this parser in programs like xastir as well.  
You could simply open your laptop and use it for a display device  
when and if wanted. Open and close the program as will without  
interfering with the features you are used to on the D700's head.  
When you want a full blown xastir station just switch to your TNC  
profile on the D700.

Dennis Hudson, N2LBT
Albany, NY

On Feb 11, 2007, at 10:38 AM, Jason Winningham wrote:

> On Feb 11, 2007, at 8:31 AM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> My guess is that CSE is stored as 1-to-8 for the cardinatl
>> points of the compass.
> Not sure, but that could be for the on-screen compass.  Actual  
> course is displayed as degrees on the detailed info screen.
>> The above examples have no speed?
> Yep, they're all fixed stations.  I just grabbed the first three in  
> that old log file I had, without paying attention to the details.   
> When I captured the file I should have captured some raw packet  
> data from another TNC for correlation, but I didn't think of it at  
> the time.
>> But if this is true, then SOMONE should write a PIC processor to
>> parse out of theese packets, any FREQUNCY info an either display
>> it or something.
> Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to make data display on the  
> D700 control head.  I specifically wanted to insert reports heard  
> from other frequencies to have a unified listing on the D700  
> control head.
> A packet parser would be helpful, but I think the most useful thing  
> someone could do is reverse engineer the connection and protocol  
> between the display head and the radio.  If we could wedge a  
> microcontroller in there, we'd have something _really_ useful.   
> Given their replacement cost, I'm not too keen on hacking at mine. (:
> It would probably be easier just to create a new control head and  
> application interface (ala HamHud) and operate it that way.
> -Jason
> kg4wsv

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