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[aprssig] Voice Aert redux

Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at kd4rdb.com
Sun Feb 11 20:34:28 UTC 2007

The problem with that is that it takes less signal to make a PL tone decoder
trigger than to decode a packet.  In other words, I can hear you on voice
alert alot more times that I can decode ax.25 packets.  In theory what you
suggest would work just as well, but in practice the PL tone wins hands

On 2/11/07, Curt Mills <archer at eskimo.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Feb 2007, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> > That's the joy of APRS Voice Alert.  If someone is there and
> > within 2 or 3 miles of you, you cannot miss the opportunity for
> > a live simplex QSO.
> > Like we say, it only takes a few un-informed individuals running
> > it from base stations or 24/7 parked cars to wipe out Voice
> > Alert in an area.
> This thread makes me wonder if something simple couldn't be done
> for non-Kenwood APRS stations:  Perhaps a piezeo buzzer that could
> be enabled/disabled in the firmware or with a switch on a Tinytrak4
> or Tracker2.  The software could determine if they were within range
> and whether they were mobile.  You know, some nice configurable
> options.
> When I heard the buzzer I could swing my other 2-meter radio there
> quickly and give a yell.
> No PL required, but we'd need a flag in the comment field to let
> others know we were monitoring.  This could be added automatically
> by the firmware for our transmits if the piezo was enabled.
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