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[aprssig] Voice Aert redux

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Feb 11 23:48:54 UTC 2007

>> That's the joy of APRS Voice Alert.  If someone is 
>> there and within 2 or 3 miles of you, you cannot 
>> miss the opportunity for a live simplex QSO.

> ... makes me wonder if something simple couldn't be 
> done for non-Kenwood APRS stations:  Perhaps a piezeo 
> buzzer that could be enabled/disabled in the firmware or 
> with a switch on a Tinytrak4 or Tracker2.

There is nothing that restricts Voice Alert to only kenwoods.  ANy tracker or mobile APRS station can use it as long as the tracker TNC is connected to the discriminator output instead of the speaker.

And since many such trackers do not even use the receiver, then they can run voice alert trivially.  Just set CTCSS.  (and make sure the tracker is turned off when the car (and driver) are off.

And anyone even without APRS or packet or GPS or anything can still run Voice Alert by setting his radio to 144.39 with CTCSS-100 while traveling.  He will hear when any other APRS voice alert is nearby too.   The only thing he does not have is his own Pl100 packet PING alerting others to his presence.

But heck, if everyone else is running voice alert with packet, then he can hear them.

There is nothing magic about the VOICE ALERT concept other than the simple concept that we have all those MOBILES out there  on a KNOWN NATIONAL freq.  Why not set PL100 and be able to contact each other by voice too.

Bob, Wb4APR

  The software could determine if they were within range
and whether they were mobile.  You know, some nice configurable

When I heard the buzzer I could swing my other 2-meter radio there
quickly and give a yell.

No PL required, but we'd need a flag in the comment field to let
others know we were monitoring.  This could be added automatically
by the firmware for our transmits if the piezo was enabled.

Curt, WE7U.				archer at eskimo dot com
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