[aprssig] Voice Aert Base Stations

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 12 20:17:09 CST 2007

Regarding Prohibited Base Station transmitting on Voice Alert: 

> The Icom 706MK2G lets me choose a different tone for 
> transmit and receive, which isn't exactly what we're 
> trying for, but it should accomplish the desired effect.

Yes, that will do it perfectly.  Setting a TX tone different
from the Voice Alert 100 Hz will prevent the 24/7 base station
from irritating mobile Voice Alert users (PL100) in the area.

But the 706 is quite a lot of radio to be using for just
monitoring for passing mobiles.

The easiest way for Base Stations to monitor for passing mobiles
with Voice Alert is simply to use a scanner or other 2 meter
voice receiver to monitor CTCSS 100 Hz on 144.39 independent of
their APRS packet station.  That way there is no danger of
transmitting packets with PL100 which is not desired from
anything but a HUMAN MANNED station in real time.

Bob, Wb4APR

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