[aprssig] RAFT and ANDE packet-to-speech Operations

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 12 20:53:31 CST 2007

ANDE and RAFT are now speaking any APRS messages sent to them.

Both sapcecraft are weak and won't be heard without a beam, but
on the best overhead pass each evening, they may be heard for a
minute or two in the middle of the pass by a mobile.  This works
because mobiles usually have short coax runs and less loss to
their omni antennas.

The AMSAT folks have been playing for several days, but then
they have good satellite beams.  But I thought I would post it
here on the APRS SIG too since they are speaking any APRS
message sent to them.

WARNING:  Please do not transmit unless you can hear them.
Otherwise you are not only QRMing other users, but also blocking
the command stations that are needed to make this all work.

Here are the essentials of making the packet-to-voice system

1) Someone must first CONNECT RAFT to turn it on for 5 minutes
2) Then RAFT will speak any APRS message from anyone sent to
3) ANDE will do the same, but only a command station can turn it

* it speaks the packet header as "XXXXXX says"
* it then speaks normal english and normal spellings..
* It tries to spell CAPS, but we found that to force it to speak
a callsign correctly independent of starting character if you
make the second character a "!" then it will always speak
properly.  Such as W!B4APR will be spoken as wb4apr as expected.

Another Example is "Hello C!Q, Hello C!Q, Hello C!Q

Or "Q!SL, I read you loud and clear."

Here isan MP3 file of DK3WN and PE1ITR in packet-to-voice QSO:



----original message-----------------------------------------

RAFT is weaker, but speaks...
* Then any APRS MSG to TALK will be spoken

ANDE is stronger, but is lazy and sleeps unless woken up.
* ANDE must be awakened by 145.825 activity
* ANDE voice must be activated by command station each pass
* Only Then will any APRS MSG to TALK will be spoken

ANDE has better link performance for users, but needs command
stations, but you get more workable passses due to its better

For more info, see the ANDE-RAFT-OPS web page.


Bob Bruninga, WB4APR
US Naval Academy Satellite Lab

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