[aprssig] Routing

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Mon Feb 12 23:51:45 CST 2007

Hi All,

I seek confirmation (or otherwise) that my APRS routing is/will be set 
up correctly.

I run Xastir as an Igate and on the same Linux box I run DigiNed. Xastir 
and DigiNed talk to each other via a psuedo-tty link.

DigiNed handles two radio ports and an axudp link to the Windows machine 
on the LAN. DigiNed has the callsign vk2tv-10 and the alias WIDE1-1. 
Xastir has the callsign vk2tv-4, not that that's relevent here.

My routing in Xastir (and UIView) is set to WIDE1-1, WIDE2-2

Currently there are no other APRS digis within 350km of here so it 
wouldn't matter what routing was used, for now. However, there is the 
possibility of another digi being established 40km south of here and, 
hopefully, activity will breed activity. I figure we may as well start 
out on the right foot with routing to avoid having to make changes down 
the track.

My best guess is that the WIDE1-1 alias in DigiNed is appropriate given 
its small coverage footprint.

In addition to the possibility of another digi down the highway a bit, I 
will set up a local digi at a better location (and seriously reduce 
power here to sufficient to access the new local digi). Should that digi 
become WIDE2-1? It, and the prospective additional digi down the road 
will be able to hear each other. Neither system will have large 
coverage, their location heights being at best a couple of hundred 
metres. Their footprints will slightly overlap.

The configuration would be like this ....

vk2tv-4 ........ttylink....... vk2tv-10 ........ Digi1 ............ 
Digi2 ......... other users
(WIDE1-1,                   (WIDE1-1)    (WIDE2-1)    (WIDE2-1)    

Does that look right?

I await your considered verdict.

Ray vk2tv

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