[aprssig] New Icom Mobile

John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 02:02:32 CST 2007

Mark wrote, "Too bad it doesn't have any built-in APRS capability."

Although it doesn't have built-in APRS, it is APRS capable.  It does have a 
1200/9600 baud packet connector and you can run APRS on one band, and FM or 
D-STAR on the other.

I have been using D-STAR for a while and my main focus has been APRS over 
D-STAR.  It works extremely well.  In my opinion, APRS over D-STAR is much 
better than APRS over AX.25.

In addition to using AX.25 on 144.390 MHz, my UI-View32 station (KC5ZRQ), is 
also using D-STAR on 145.670 MHz.  I also have a station, KE5MBS, setup on 
D-STAR, for the local RACES organization.

I have two Internet gateway stations in my town.  KC5ZRQ-1 for APRS and 
KC5ZRQ-2 for D-PRS.  They bridge the gap between D-STAR users and APRS 
users, providing 100% interoperability.

ĀµSmartDigi, for the TNC-X, provides APRS and D-PRS interoperability with the 
need for any type of gateway.

I look forward to the Icom IC-2820H.  I think it will provide users with the 
choice of using either APRS, D-PRS or both.

John, KC5ZRQ 

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