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Depending on the distance between the digis, you may be able to get away with using HTs, which will cut the power consumption considerably, and if you can turn off the LED indicators on the TNC, it will cut the power consumption even further, allowing a smaller battery. If you're using a 30' mast, you can use a 5/8 wave or even a 5/8 over 5/8 antenna, and get quite a bit of gain. Get gel cell batteries if possible, but definitely put whatever battery and equipment you're using into some kind of box, preferably waterproof. I use milsurp ammo cans for a lot of projects, and drill/punch holes in them for the fittings. My next possible project is a WiFi repeater in a can, with a couple of gel cell batteries in the bottom, a non-conductive separator, then the electronics compartment with the AP, and antennas on the top, with fittings on the side for power and ethernet. 

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  This is probably redundant and asked 1000 times but I've had a harddrive
crash and my aprssig folder is trash.....

   We have a bicycle event in April and need to set up several temporary
digi's on some 30ft mast along the route. What I would like to do is
probably have some with solar capability (deep cycle battery etc).. so any
input on the least expensive way to do this would be appreciated.

   The event and prep would probably cover about 60 hours so maybe a
deep cycle battery at half power on the radio might work...?? 


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