[aprssig] Routing

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Wed Feb 14 23:59:24 CST 2007

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>>Currently there are no other APRS digis within 350km...
>>My best guess is that the WIDE1-1 alias in DigiNed is 
>>appropriate given its small coverage footprint.
>If it is the only thing in an area, no matter how small, then it
>should be a full traceable WIDEn-N.  Only make WIDE1-1's where
>there is the need for fill-in digis in areas already satruated
>with wide coverage machines.
>>...another digi down the highway a bit,...
>>Should that digi become WIDE2-1? 
>DIGI's don't become WIDE2-1's, they have either traceable
>WIDEn-N support, or are WIDE1-1 only digis.  Again, souinds like
>this one should be also a traceable WIDEn-N.
>Great to hear you planting the seeds!
>Bob, WB4APR
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Thanks to everyone who has replied to my enquiry re routing.

Given that my DigiNed digi (vk2tv-10) will become almost transparent 
when the remote digi is installed, I believe that WIDE1-1 is an 
appropriate alias.

As for the remote system for which I suggested WIDE2-2, I'm still not sure.

I seem to be missing something with regard to WIDEn-N routing and have 
been doing lots of reasearch to defuddle my brain. I understand how the 
SSID is decremented after each hop, but what yardstick is used to 
determine the initial numbers used for n and N?

Keith VE7GDH asked about the trend in VK re routing. The answer is I 
don't know. I enquired through some local APRS web pages but didn't get 
replies. But that's a bit irrelevent anyway because I'm more interested 
in doing it right, rather than doing it just because others do it a 
certain way.

Given that the first remote digi is still to be installed, much of this 
is hypothetical. If I start with WIDE2-2 and no other systems are 
installed, there will never be a problem. Even if a second system is 
installed, WIDE2-2 still can't propagate beyond that second system. By 
the time a third system is installed I'll be using a walking frame to 
carry out maintenance :-)

Ray vk2tv

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