[aprssig] Re: Vista and UI-View32

do7vlr at aprs-saar.de do7vlr at aprs-saar.de
Thu Feb 15 07:03:55 CST 2007

Hello Roger,

when Microsoft offered the ability to download the Beta 2 version of Windows Vista, I got 
my copy and installed it on a DELL Inspiron Notebook with 1.2 GHz Pentium M and 512 
MB Ram. The OS itself worked without problems and so did UI-View32. I tested UI-
View32 V2.03 with FlexNet for several days and did not experience any problems. I don't 
own the final release of Vista, so I could not test APRS with the official version though I 
don't think it will make problems. If so, you could test the "compatibility mode" (which is 
known from Windows XP).
After installing I just had difficulties with serial port or soundcard allocation and besides, 
UI-View could not connect to any APRS-IS server because I didn't start UI-View32 and 
FlexNet with admin permissions.

Hope I could help.

vy 73 de Lukas, DO7VLR
APRS-Server Saarland: do0ya.dyndns.org 

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