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Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Thu Feb 15 19:12:39 CST 2007

Keith VE7GDH wrote:

> Ray VK2TV wrote...
>> Given that my DigiNed digi (vk2tv-10) will become almost transparent
>> when the remote digi is installed, I believe that WIDE1-1 is an
>> appropriate alias.
> I think that I would disagree a bit with your logic. If the DigiNed 
> (or other) digi was a "low level" digi that could help mobiles make it 
> to a higher elevation WIDEn-N digi, then I would agree with making it 
> a WIDE1-1 only digi. I believe your intention was to move it to a 
> higher location a few hundred metres up. For now, it will be the 
> closest thing to a "big footprint" digi that you will have around 
> there. Looking ahead to when it is in use and mobile stations are 
> passing through, if it was a WIDE1-1 only digi, it would ONLY help out 
> those mobiles if they started their path with WIDE1-1. If you make it 
> a WIDEn-N digi, it will help out mobiles that start their path with 
> either WIDE1-1 or WIDEn-N.
Keith, thanks for your patience.

I guess I haven't made myself clear on this point, or maybe I'm not 
seeing the obvious!

 DigiNed will in effect become a (very) low-level digi once the remote 
system is installed. DigiNed will provide the only path to the remote 
digi for UIView and Xastir, neither of which will have radios attached.  
The only (APRS) radio that will be attached to the system once the 
remote digi is installed will be low power (1W) to a beam directed at 
the remote digi. I don't envisage many, if any, mobiles accessing the 
WIDE1-1 due to my location away from the highway, the low elevation of 
the site and the antenna, and the heavy foliage around me.

DigiNed will remain exactly where it is now as part of my Linux system 
and an additional UIDigi will be installed as the remote system.

This is why I believe that I need DigiNed to run as WIDE1-1.

Xastir ---tty link--------- |  DigiNed   
|                                                                  | 
UIDigi   |
                                       |                  | ------- 
radio ------>                                 | Remote  |
UIView ..axudp link -----| WIDE1-1 
|                                                                  |  
system  |

Ray vk2tv

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