[aprssig] Stupid D7 tricks

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Fri Feb 16 03:18:23 CST 2007

As in all things...

Computers only do what they are told.  (Even the tiny embedded ones!)
Just that what you tell them to do, is not always what you want, expect
or sometimes need them to do...

In this case, I suspect that any string sent from the attached GPS with
a $ at the start (just about all of them!) will get passed through to
the attached device on the PC port.   Not stupid, just doing what you
told it to do...   :-)

It's actually useful to know it can do that sort of thing.

If you have a PC with two working COM ports, connect one to the GPS port
(4800N81) and one to the PC port (9600N81 or E71, depending) and
experiment by sending from the terminal program on the GPS port, to the
other via the D7, and I expect you'll find that anything with a $ at the
start will get passed through.

You can also do that trick (connect a PC to the GPS port) to verify that
the D7 (or D700) sends posits in NMEA format "to" any attached GPS if
you need that functionality.  The radio's PC and GPS port are physically
wired the same at the radio.

Have Fun!..

Dave G0WBX.

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> I was experimenting with GPS pass through in packet mode on 
> my D7 and D700 and had a little bit of fun with this command:
> Yes, it's just a dollar sign and nothing else. 
> Watching the stream with LTMONITOR set to 1 second, more than 
> one NEMA sentence was making it through the pass through.
> Like I said, stupid D7 tricks but I thought I'd share just 
> for the fun of it.
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