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[aprssig] Garmin Etrex cable question

'Scott Miller' scott at opentrac.org
Fri Feb 16 17:58:06 UTC 2007

> I have had good luck with pfranc's connectors.  They
> got much better when he went to the "flat" version.  I

I've got nothing against their products... it's the distribution model (and
to some extent the annoying website) that bugs me.  There seem to be too
many distributors, and not all of them seem to take it as seriously.  And
the website really could use some cleanup - every page seems to have
unrelated information scattered around, oddly-formatted tables, and
generally confusing layout.

Compared to some ham websites, though *cough*aes*cough*hro* they're really
not so bad, I guess.  =]


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