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John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 09:03:52 CST 2007

Steve, I don't know where you'd find a "Pro" to consult about APRS.  Are 
they wanting to use APRS so that they can increase their interoperability 
with ham radio operators, or are they wanting to use the AVL features of 
APRS to track their own assets for improved  law enforcement activities?

If that is the case, then most APRS client software and software like 
javAPRSSrvr, is either not available for commercial use or requires a 
licensing fee.

A small police department in my area has started using APRS, but each 
officer is becoming a ham radio operator and its primary use is to include 
ham radio in their emergency operations plan.

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From: "Steve Dimse" <steve at dimse.com>
Subject: [aprssig] Consulting

> Anyone doing APRS consulting in upstate New York?
> I have an email from a police chief that want to use APRS, they  already 
> have laptops with TCP connections in the cars, sounds like it  will be a 
> matter of setting up an APRS IS hub or two, installing the  software, 
> doing a few custom maps, and of course training.
> He is looking for a pro, not someone interesting in seeing their  hobby 
> put to use. If you don't have a real business including  liability 
> insurance, they don't want you...
> Steve K4HG 

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