[aprssig] TS2000 SKy Command

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 17 18:47:24 CST 2007

>> 7) How do you remotely band change?  Just have 
>> multiple memories? 
> Key in a new frequency via VFO control and the TS2000
> will switch bands. 

I tried that over and over again, and it would only work  if I dialed in a freq on the same band.  Just don't know why it doesnt work for me.

I also just cannt figure out where the initial operating freq comes from.  Since you have to +/- through all the bands when doing set up and end up with VHF being in MAIN before going to transporter mode, mine always seems to come up on some 20 meter fequency that does not see to have anything to do with my A or B VFO's.

>> 8) how can  you edit out an extra character in a 4 
>> or 5 character call?  There is no SPACE character 
>> and no DEL button that I can find. 
> Space is the zero key and delete is the A/B button 
> on the D7. 

Doesn't work for me on the D700.  I'm trying to dial in the TRANSPORTER and COMMANDER calls using the TS-2000 front panel and cannot find any button anywhere that equals a SPACE.  And the DIAL only provides 0-9,A-Z and -.  I can t find a SPACE...  The TS-2000 does not have a TTpad microphone and the TTpad on the front of the radio does not seem to let "0" be a space like the D7.

Maybe Im missing something.
Bob, Wb4APR

Now, as for remotely controlling group radios and 
announcing over APRS and all that like you mention in 
your second email...be careful.  You and anyone who 
provides access to their HF radios via Sky Command 
will open themselves up to potential enforcement 
action via the FCC if you don't ensure that someone 
without the proper HF license starts using your radio. 
HF privileges are still required to operate the Sky 
Command controlled HF station just like they would if 
you were sitting in front of the HF station. 

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