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[aprssig] Sky Ccommand...

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Feb 18 16:06:17 UTC 2007

>> I can have my HT and my D700 and a Laptop running APRSdos >> all acting as COMMANDERS and all display on their 
>> screen's the same HF radio info no matter who is 
>> controlling.
> You're running this on the APRS channel?? 

No, not at all. Requires a UHF and local VHF channel.

>> packets are simply UI packets sent to SC2.
> What happens if there are TWO...SkyCommands ?

There has to be an exact match to the FROM calls on both ends. The TS-2000 will only respond to one call.  But you are
correct, that if there are two with overlaping coverage, then they simply need to use different freqs.  They have to do that anyway to avoid QRM between the audio.  Their presence is indicated on the APRS channel by the same kind of object as used to alert people of other local assets.

>> By using the APRS UHF channel of 445.925 (if avaliable in
>> your area) and setting a TRANSPORTER callsign of TPTR and
>> mobile skycommand calls of CMDR, then any and all mobiles 
>> in the area can see/command any local SKYCOMMND systems.  
> I assume you mean any and all D7s and D700s, or are you 
> proposing that some other kind of dual-band mobile 
> equipped with an external TNC and terminal program try to 
> emulate Sky Command (perhaps from macros stored 
> in a terminal program)?  

Yes, any D7 or D700 can do SkyCommand by a simple MENU push.  But also any PACKET station can also do it, without
any special hardware or software.  All someone needs to do to remotely control a SkyCommand system is:

1) Put your TNC on a UHF radio for sending and receiving the frequency and mode info and for sending reomte cmmands for SkyCommand.  If your packet program or APRS does not  have the built-in macros for sending the SkyCommand commands, you can manually type them with a gouge-sheet.  You can also read the SkyCOmmand responses with a seasoned EYE.  Something like 0000014070301000000000203040000 turns out to be the frquency of 14.070.300 Hz. etc...  you can also see
the mode and A/B memory, etc by knowing where to look.

2) a 2 meter monitor receiver for listening to the SkyCommand audio from the remote HF system.

3) to TK your mic through to the HF system, simply key the UHF radio with the SkyCOmmand PL ON.

> If the latter, the MixW all-mode soundcard programs 
> operating as a PC soundcard soft TNC would be ideal for 
> this.  Connect the radio's 6-pin MIni-DIN "data/packet" 
> connector to the computer's sound card.

Yes, way back when SkyCommand first came out in 1998, I proposed to all authors that SKYCOMMAND should be added to all APRS programs, but the legalities of all the nay-sayers at the time was an issue...  now that legal bickering is over and it is time to get on with SkyCommand Community HF remotes at good sites with good antennas!  If for no other
reason, than emergency preparedness to bring HF to the emergency desk top where you might need it most.

>With the D700 at least, does this mean you could set a 
>couple of PMs, one with Skycommand mode enabled with 
>one PL in one, and another PM with normal (non Sky Command) 
>mode and a different PL?    

Not even a PM, just a memory.  But then you have to exit and re-enter sky command mode to change.  I havent figured out a workaround for that yet.  Once SKY command mode is set in the D7 or D700, and even if you cycle power, you only have to putsh one button to re-enter skycommand.

>Or can you switch memories on the remote radio while it is 
>in Sky Command mode

I havent found a way yet...

But there is sure lots of potential to explore!
Bob, Wb4APR

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