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> Alex Carver wrote:
> >  HF privileges are still required to operate the
> Sky
> > Command controlled HF station just like they would
> if
> > you were sitting in front of the HF station.
> The normal requirement is that a control operator be
> present.  If a control 
> operator is not available, then the station is not
> meeting part 97 requirements. 
>   Despite so many peoples attempts at asserting
> restrictions, it is entirely 
> possible for a technician to operate an HF station
> just as it is for a general 
> class licensee to operate in the amatuer extra
> portion of the bands.  At issue 
> is whether the appropriate licensed control operator
> is present.
> If improper transmissions occur, the transmitting
> station is responsible for 
> their actions, and the control operator (this is why
> they need to be close by) 
> will need to take appropriate action to stop such
> transmissions.
> Gregg Wonderly

However, a control operator does not have to be
present at the physical location of the HF
transceiver.  They only have to be present at the VHF
control station which could be located some distance
from the HF station.  And this is what I mean when I
say be careful.  If all the information for
controlling an HF station is floating around, it's
possible for some random person to try and use the HF
station at some other location.  So the word of
caution is about allowing control information to be
published which could allow an outsider to take
control of the HF system without authorization.

The whole point of Sky Command was to operate the HF
station without having to sit in front of it or have
anyone there.  This part is still legal because the
remote VHF station is in control (and all the links ID
themselves, too).  But it doesn't prevent someone from
grabbing control and that's the part to prevent.  So
having a remote control HF station may be great
especially for emergencies, but I certainly wouldn't
be broadcasting that capability in general over APRS
or anywhere.

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