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Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Feb 18 18:10:34 CST 2007

>> I can have my HT and my D700 and a Laptop running 
>> APRSdos  all acting as COMMANDERS and all display 
>> on their screen's the same HF radio info no matter 
>> who is controlling.
> Added to APRS programs in what way?    

Just to display the HF radio's frequency, band, and mode, etc.  The users just QSY's his radio to he SkyCOmmand frequency, and monitors for 1 minute and he will get
an update packet showing what the HF rig is tuned to.

> o ...as a new symbol for Skycommand objects? 

Maybe, I was thiking of just using the HF symbol.

> o As a control panel to send Skycommand commands and 
> display results?    

Yes, I can enter a FREQ and APRSdos will send the correct SkyCommand packet to cause it to happen.

> Since one would have to move off the APRS frequency to 
> use Sky Command, it would seem to me to be of dubious 
> value in an APRS application, rather than in a separate 
> program.

True, but why write a whole new application just to display a frequency and mode and to send just a single FREQ comand?
when you already have it running and might just want to QSY for a minute to see what the HF is listening to.

> By this line of reasoning , one should also add CW, 
> station  logging, RTTY, ARRL radiograms/Marsgrams, HF 
> propagation calculations, SWR monitoring and who knows 
> how many other features that are vaguely related to 
> APRS operating into APRS programs.  

Yes, if they transmit AX.25 in UI packets, thn it makes sense to monitor them in APRS. But if they have nothing to do with AX.25 then there is no reason to have them in APRS.
SkyCommand comunicates just like APRS, by using UI packets for command and display of data. 

This is EXACTLY what APRS was desgned for years ago, to display to the user EVERYTHIGN going on in ham radio around him that wasavaialbe on AX.25 UI packets.



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