[aprssig] Batteries America BT-11H

John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 21:12:01 CST 2007

Yes, it is off-topic.  This group is for the discussion of SkyCommand.

It should be alright if you use Alkaline batteries.  If you use 
rechargeables the voltage will drop to 7.5 volts.  I guess that would work 
as well.

Does anyone recall a battery pack that had a GPS built-in?  I thought I saw 
one on eBay once upon a time.

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Subject: [aprssig] Batteries America BT-11H

I am not sure if this is too far off topic or not.

Has anyone tried the Batteries America BT-11H 
(http://www.batteriesamerica.com/newpage9.htm) 6AA cell battery pack?  As 
little hefty $$ at $25USD but if the quality is OK then one could buy 
multiple sets of high capacity rechargable AA cells and might end up ahead 
of the game over buying extra battery packs. 

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