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[aprssig] Batteries America BT-11H

Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Mon Feb 19 03:56:16 UTC 2007

Dale Blanchard wrote:
> A regular battery pack is better.
> The spring contacts have a small amount of voltage drop thet adds up.]
> You have 12 contacts.
> There is a reason they spot weld the batteries to gether in a commercial 
> pack.
> Battery corrosion makes it worse.

Using alkaline or NiMH or NiCD cells, over the counter, in this kind of pack 
provides a great deal of flexability and eliminates a number of "I don't have 
power" issues.  It can cause you to stop treating "charging" as an important 
part of your equipment management regiment though.

I have 24 NiMH AA cells that I use in a dry cell pack for one of my HTs that has 
an 8AA cell pack.  It makes it really easy to switch cells when needed, recharge 
cells and replace single bad cells.  The price, per "pack" is much less when you 
don't have to also pay for the packaging that's on convential rechargable packs.

Gregg Wonderly

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