[aprssig] Batteries America BT-11H

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 18 22:23:59 CST 2007

Gregg Wonderly wrote:
> Dale Blanchard wrote:
>> A regular battery pack is better.
>> The spring contacts have a small amount of voltage drop thet adds up.]
>> You have 12 contacts.
>> There is a reason they spot weld the batteries to gether in a 
>> commercial pack.
>> Battery corrosion makes it worse.
> Using alkaline or NiMH or NiCD cells, over the counter, in this kind of 
> pack provides a great deal of flexability and eliminates a number of "I 
> don't have power" issues.  It can cause you to stop treating "charging" 
> as an important part of your equipment management regiment though.
I used to do that 30 years ago.
I do not do it any more for a reason.
I do not even build my own battery packs any more.
If you can afford the radio you can afford a decent battery pack.

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