[aprssig] digi_ned Kiss Linux

J. Lance Cotton joe at lightningflash.net
Mon Feb 19 13:05:15 CST 2007

on 2/19/2007 12:17 PM Bill Vodall WA7NWP said the following:
>> And to answer your question - I once had digi_ned running this way on a
>> Linksys WRT54G wireless router (not using the wireless part, of course)
> How did you get it compiled?  That's just where I'm going.  I have a
> NSLU2 unslung (aka Embedded Linux on an external old laptop hard disk)
> that's ready for Digi_ned and other ham tools.  A simple serial port
> via USB adapter should be the low hanging fruit easy way to get this
> on the air.

It has been a while, but from what I remember, I set up the openwrt 
development environment. This was very easy -- they had a makefile that 
would download the latest tools and set them up all automatically. Then you 
build the openwrt linux kernel. Once you know that works, there was a simple 
way to just compile anything through the cross compiler that was installed.

Let me know (off list) your build environment and if you're using something 
like openwrt and I'll see if I need to get back into the project to figure 
out what I did.

-Lance KJ5O

J. Lance Cotton, KJ5O
joe at lightningflash.net
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