[aprssig] APRS Symbols for severe nature events

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 19 14:53:27 CST 2007

I wouild favor a generic Road-Blockage symbol.  Would look like
two posts with two horizontal boards that are black-and-whilte
striped at an angle and maybe a red NOT circle on top for color?


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> A couple of months ago, there was a discussion here (or
perhaps merely
> an opinion exchange) of possible new symbols.
> Should one reserve one symbol for special scout categories
other than
> gender designator (why would one need even that one, I ask,
being a
> scout myself, and married to a scout); should one introduce a
> well, some handfuls of postings went to the list at that time.
> I would (after recent nature events with great impact, at
least for
> road and railway traffic) hope there were a possibility to
make a
> symbol for _landslide_ and _avalanche_ (maybe one and the same
> symbol?). There are possibly even other nature events missing
a symbol
> as well.
> </main>
> (BTW, I have made a change in the two scout symbols; my
version is a
> mini version of the WOSM - World Organization of the Scout
Movement -
> logo, and a version of the WAGGGS - World Association of Girl
> and Girl Scouts - logo; avaliable together with the else
> version H for UI-View at my web place - link from
> <http://la2bba.jpharo.net>)
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> Hvaler, Norway
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