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[aprssig] Battery Packs...and more...

NPD Service pservice at nb.sympatico.ca
Tue Feb 20 01:00:45 UTC 2007


Thx for info on the battery pack.  I have 2 D7's, one mobile in a RAM
bracket c/w Pryme speaker mic and the other I use as a portable.  I have to
use a D7 for a mobile due to Subaru's lack of consideration for a mounting
place for a D700 control head.  A Mirage BD-35 add's some power when



I just wanted an idea on the quality, etc., of the product as I want a spare
pack for times when there is no opportunity to recharge, etc.  Kenwood's 4
cell case dosen't do much more for me than fill the RAM bracket so I don't
constantly charge a NiCad in the cradle.  High capacity cells will be a good



No that I've taken your time on the simple things in life, here is the real



Has anyone ever used APRS to identify a visitor to your local area, generate
an automatic msg to the APRS unit welcoming them to your area (entering a
preset parimeter) and refer them to your primary voice repeater?  We have
also thought of then, after a reasonable delay for the operator to tune to
the repeater, running text to speech to welcome the visitor to the area and
state some of the control commands (WX, Echo & IRLP dialing codes, etc.) for
the repeater, our website (lcarc.ca) and other useful bits of info.



We have given this some thought by considering the use of our IRLP (2009)
PC, the local digi's etc.  Has anyone ever taken on such a project and with
what success?









PS.  Someone had to break the trace induced by the Sky Command






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