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Rick Green rtg at aapsc.com
Mon Feb 19 19:14:39 CST 2007

On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, NPD Service wrote:

> Has anyone ever used APRS to identify a visitor to your local area, generate
> an automatic msg to the APRS unit welcoming them to your area (entering a
> preset parimeter) and refer them to your primary voice repeater?  We have
> also thought of then, after a reasonable delay for the operator to tune to
> the repeater, running text to speech to welcome the visitor to the area and
> state some of the control commands (WX, Echo & IRLP dialing codes, etc.) for
> the repeater, our website (lcarc.ca) and other useful bits of info.
> We have given this some thought by considering the use of our IRLP (2009)
> PC, the local digi's etc.  Has anyone ever taken on such a project and with
> what success?
   I would certainly hope not!  I would consider a robot coming up  on the 
repeater every time an out-of-area tracker appears within range as a form 
of spam.  I'm not that versed on the fine points of 'automatic control' in 
part 97, but it seems to me that a repeater, digi, bbs, etc. are 
transmitting automatically at the request of a licensed ham.  To have the 
robot initiate transmissions autonomously would cross the line into 
'beacon' or 'broadcast' operation.  Also, have pity on the locals who 
monitor the repeater as they go about their business.  You'll drive them 
crazy with the repeated infomercials.

Rick Green

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