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[aprssig] UI-View over LAN...

Eric Weber webmanou812 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 20 02:33:26 UTC 2007

My “ham” computer sits in the basement

The “other” computer sits on the main floor

We do not have internet access at home yet
so, I was
going to set up UI-View over the LAN, and found maybe
2 sites that had info on it

It says in the APRS Server Setup page to set the “ham”
(aka host) computer to “Enable local server”

Ok, did that

Now on the other computer, it says to edit the
APRS_Server portion in the INI file use the “ham”
computer’s IP address, and use port 1448

Save it and start up “other” computer and connect to
aprs server

Well, I have, but it don’t

I’ve unchecked the “APRS server log on required” as I
thought I read it in the help files

So anyway, what am I missing?

The instructions I’ve found have a little to be

Any help you can share would be appreciated


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