[aprssig] UI-View over LAN...

Danny Messano danny at messano.net
Mon Feb 19 22:05:49 CST 2007

He didn't mention AGWPE...

Sounds like he is on track for enabling the local server on PC 1, and
connecting to it's port 1448 on PC 2.  

I believe after you enable the Local Server on PC 1, you need to restart
UI-View.  I've gotten stuck at that point before.

Everything else sounds right on.

I have used UI-View like this in the past, and it works great.


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On 2/19/07, Eric Weber <webmanou812 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> It says in the APRS Server Setup page to set the "ham"
> (aka host) computer to "Enable local server".

Hi Eric,

You seem to have directions for connecting to an APRS server.  That is not
what you are trying to accomplish, however.  If I'm understanding you
correctly, you have your TNC connected to your computer in your basement,
and you want to run UI-View on another computer on the LAN.
Here's how to do that:

On the basement (TNC) computer:
1. Right click on the AGWPE icon in the system tray 2. Choose "setup
3. On the first tab, make sure "Enable Winsock TCP/IP Application Interface"
is checked.
4. On the winsock interface security tab, choose "Accept without login from
anywhere (no security).  (Note, after you get things working, you can go
back and change this setting if you are concerned about this).
5. Click "OK" and restart AGWPE

On the UI-View computer:
1. Click on "Setup" and choose "Comms Setup"
2. Host mode should be set to AGWPE
3. Click on the Setup button
4. In the host machine box, change to the IP address of the AGWPE
(Basement) computer 5. Click OK and OK again to save changes

That's it!   You are now accessing the TNC on the basement computer
via TCP/IP over your LAN.

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

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