[aprssig] Battery Packs...and more...

Rich Mulvey aprs at mulveyfamily.com
Mon Feb 19 23:10:06 CST 2007

NPD Service wrote:
> Thx for info on the battery pack. I have 2 D7’s, one mobile in a RAM 
> bracket c/w Pryme speaker mic and the other I use as a portable. I 
> have to use a D7 for a mobile due to Subaru’s lack of consideration 
> for a mounting place for a D700 control head. A Mirage BD-35 add’s 
> some power when necessary.

Which model Subaru? We have a D700 installed in my wife's 2005 Legacy, 
with the RF deck under the seat and the head velcroed in front of the 
shift lever, and it's about as perfect a fit as you could want. 
Visibility and ease of use are excellent, and there's absolutely no 
interference with any of the car's controls. I wish it was nearly that 
nice in my Civic. ;-)

- Rich

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