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John Ronan jronan at tssg.org
Tue Feb 20 04:10:32 CST 2007

> Has anyone ever used APRS to identify a visitor to your local area,  
> generate an automatic msg to the APRS unit welcoming them to your  
> area (entering a preset parimeter) and refer them to your primary  
> voice repeater?  We have also thought of then, after a reasonable  
> delay for the operator to tune to the repeater, running text to  
> speech to welcome the visitor to the area and state some of the  
> control commands (WX, Echo & IRLP dialing codes, etc.) for the  
> repeater, our website (lcarc.ca) and other useful bits of info.

But we do have a Digi_ned node running that announces all the  
repeaters about every 20 mins or so, it can also be requested for  
other information such as Police Station, Hospital etc.

More than once I received an email from a 'Tourist' after they got  
home saying how useful they found it.  Now you have me thinking that  
I should check/update the information, as its been a while since I did.

de John

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