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[aprssig] Welcoming Travelers

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 20 14:56:15 UTC 2007

> Has anyone ever used APRS to identify a visitor to your 
> local area, generate an automatic msg... welcoming them...
> and refer them to your primary  voice repeater?  

This welcoming of travelers by providing them with a local
travelers VOICE repeater object on the front panel of their
radio is the objective behind the LOCAL INFO INITIATIVE:


I agree that it is a very powerful and useful function of APRS!
We need digipeater owners to implement it in all digipeaters
everywhere.  It is a no-cost addition, since it is originated at
the DIGIpeaters that can listen-before-TX and so avoid any
collision with other packets.  But these packets MUST BE KEPT
LOCAL and DIRECT ONLY!!!  They only have local DIRECT value and
are SPAM everywhere else.


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> > Has anyone ever used APRS to identify a visitor to your 
> local area,  
> > generate an automatic msg to the APRS unit welcoming them to
> > area (entering a preset parimeter) and refer them to your
> > voice repeater?  We have also thought of then, after a
> > delay for the operator to tune to the repeater, running text
> > speech to welcome the visitor to the area and state some of
> > control commands (WX, Echo & IRLP dialing codes, etc.) for
> > repeater, our website (lcarc.ca) and other useful bits of
> Nope,
> But we do have a Digi_ned node running that announces all the

> repeaters about every 20 mins or so, it can also be requested
> other information such as Police Station, Hospital etc.
> More than once I received an email from a 'Tourist' after they
> home saying how useful they found it.  Now you have me
thinking that  
> I should check/update the information, as its been a while 
> since I did.
> Regards
> de John
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