[aprssig] GPS/PC/D7A

Jason D. Triolo jasonacg at citicom.com
Tue Feb 20 16:48:07 CST 2007

I will be out of town next month, and will be running my D7A as my 
primary unit, along with GPS. I also have my notebook computer running 
Street Atlas 2007.

When I'm home, I have no problem running both, thanks to the dual serial 
outputs on the GPS receiver. However, when I rent a car, my portable 
unit limits me to one.

So my question is...Has anybody had success in making the GPS data pass 
through the D7 while it's in APRS mode? I don't have APRS+SA or other 
similar software for the notebook (yet), so for now, I have to hope 
there's a trick that makes it possible to leave the HT in APRS mode for 
beaconing, and pass GPS data to Street Atlas for navigation.

73 de Jason, KD4ACG

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