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[aprssig] HamHUD RevE Kit Accesories

Ben Lindner vk5jfk at activ8.net.au
Wed Feb 21 23:33:20 UTC 2007

What is a HamHUD

Ben Lindner

Jason Rausch wrote:
> Many APRSSIG members purchased HamHUD kits on the last
> go around, so I am cross-posting this here...
> I am now ready to start taking
> pre-orders for the RevE Breakout Boards and FRAM
> Adapters if anyone
> is still interested.
> The price for the breakout board kit is $45 including
> all on-board
> parts. This does not include a cable to go between the
> breakout
> board and the HamHUD. 
> I experimented with some off-the-shelf cables, but
> there was a
> problem. On the HamHUD end, the female was needed.
> Every cable I
> found had the threaded collars for the tiedowns on
> this end of the
> cable. So the cable could not be secured to the HamHUD
> except for
> friction. Laying on a bench it was fine, but as soon
> as you put that
> setup in a bumpy car environment, it will fall out in
> no time.
> I will however keep a few of these cables on-hand if
> someone would
> like to buy one and give it a try. They are nice well
> made, black
> cables. It was a shame they did not work out the way I
> had hoped.
> The FRAM adapter is updated as well with an on-board
> 0.1 uF cap, as
> suggested by Dale. I have had the prototype board
> running in a RevE
> on my bench for the last 2 months without a flaw. The
> FRAMboard
> comes assembled with the SMT FRAM included. This item
> is $20 per.
> I have set up a special ordering page just for these
> items at:
> <http://www.rpc-electronics.com/hhacc.php>
> Here is a picture of the board that will be shipping:
> <http://www.rpc-electronics.com/img/hh/hhbbv18.jpg>
> The breakout board is simply a way to organize and
> un-clutter the cabling with the the HamHUD. With the
> launch of the RevE design we introduced a new pinout
> standard with the DB15 connector. This also
> "standardized" a way to interfacing to the HamHUD.
> In the past most people, including myself, had
> multiple connectors on their HamHUDs that would
> connector everything, ie. TNC, GPS and Power. It
> could be done somewhat neatly, but when it came down
> to it, you still had a minimum of three cables hanging
> off of your Hud.
> In came the RevE design. The idea was to have one
> cable from the HamHUD, run it to somewhere hidden and
> have all of the interface clutter there. Somwhere out
> of sight and connect everything there. Before,
> several of us were doing somthing similar with DB9's
> or even Tony's awesome use of an old Apple printer
> cable on his HudVee
> (http://www.hamhud.net/hh2/Cable.jpg)
> The breakout board is basically a way to connect
> everything at that "other end" easily and neatly.
> I'll run down some features.
> 1. Only needs a single straight through male DB15 to
> female DB15 between it and the HamHUD.
> 2. Two common pinned DB9 male ports. One for the TNC
> and the other for the GPS.
> 3. GPS port has power for GPS unit on pin 4. This is
> jumper settable for either +5VDC (from the HamHUD) or
> +12VDC (via on-board regulator).
> 4. GPS is pinned so that a standard GPS to computer
> serial port cable can be plugged directly in. No null
> adapters needed.
> 5. TNC port is pinned for standard DB9 female to DB15
> male cable. Direct plugin, no null needed (except
> when flashing/programming).
> 6. RTS line from HamHUD runs through a three pin
> jumper. One side goes to the RTS line of the TNC
> port. The other side of the jumper runs to the TX pin
> of the GPS port. This is for a future feature to send
> waypoints back to a GPS for display. This will only
> be capable in XFLOW or KISS mode (when available in
> future firmware).
> 7. Power indicator LED.
> 8. Standard 2.1mm coaxial power jack for main system
> power supply. Everything is powered from this point,
> except the TNC.
> This is a final call for pre-orders.  I will be
> placing the board order Friday evening.
> Thanks!
> Jason KE4NYV
> RPC Electronics
> www.rpc-electronics.com
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