[aprssig] GPS/PC/D7A

John Vause jdv at iglou.com
Wed Feb 21 20:09:02 CST 2007

I can only get this setup to work using UI-View with the D7a in non-KISS 
Packet mode.(GPS connected D7 gps port, D7 pc port connected to laptop.)

Street Atlas v.6 doesn't see the GPS at all in this configuration.

Anyone know if you need to send a command to the D7a in packet mode
in order to enable GPS pass-through?

'Scott Miller' wrote:
> I haven't, but then I haven't tried very hard.  I took the brute force route
> and used separate GPS receivers, with a USB adapter for the one on the
> laptop.  There are definitely advantages to having big bins of GPS receivers
> on hand.  =]
> Scott
> N1VG 
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>> I will be out of town next month, and will be running my D7A as my 
>> primary unit, along with GPS. I also have my notebook 
>> computer running 
>> Street Atlas 2007.
>> When I'm home, I have no problem running both, thanks to the 
>> dual serial 
>> outputs on the GPS receiver. However, when I rent a car, my portable 
>> unit limits me to one.
>> So my question is...Has anybody had success in making the GPS 
>> data pass 
>> through the D7 while it's in APRS mode? I don't have APRS+SA or other 
>> similar software for the notebook (yet), so for now, I have to hope 
>> there's a trick that makes it possible to leave the HT in 
>> APRS mode for 
>> beaconing, and pass GPS data to Street Atlas for navigation.
>> Thanks.
>> 73 de Jason, KD4ACG
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