[aprssig] Re: GPS/PC/D7A

Robbie, wa9inf mwrobertson at comcast.net
Thu Feb 22 11:25:03 CST 2007


I have the emulator working from, say virtual port 2 to virtual port 3 
both ways on the laptop.. If I plug the GPS into the one physical serial 
port on the laptop, I don't get how to share that with the way I 
understand to set the emulator up with ID #1 "pair" 2 and 3 . I must be 
missing something, but at least I can talk back and forth on the virtual 
pair 2 & 3.

Is there more documentation somewhere?


Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> jasonacg @ citicom.com wrote:
>> Stephen H. Smith wrote:
>>> However, there is a workaround.   Run UIview on the PC which will 
>>> accept the data sent from the D700.   In turn, UIview has a feature 
>>> to re-transmit the received GPS data, reformatted back to standard 
>>> NMEA format, out a virtual COM port for use by a second program.    
>>> In turn, you can use a software bridge driver to connect this 
>>> virtual port to any NMEA-using application such as Street Atlas, 
>>> MapPoint, Precision Mapping etc. 

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