[aprssig] Re: GPS/PC/D7A

John Vause jdv at iglou.com
Fri Feb 23 08:03:25 CST 2007

A split cable may be the best way to go about this.

I hooked the D7a w/GPS up to my laptop and ran HyperTerminal.
With the D7a in packet mode I could see packets from the local APRS
network but no GPS sentences.
With the D7a in APRS mode I could not see any data from the D7 at all
in Hyperterminal.

In UI-View there is a file of initialization cmds that get sent to the 
D7a when it is run as a TNC. One of these is: "GPSTEXT $GPRMC".

Alex Carver wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> Just split the serial cable between the computer and
> the D7.  I do this very thing with my setup.  I have
> Street Atlas 2007 on my iPAQ and built a Y-cable to go
> between the single GPS receiver and the D7/D700 plus
> handheld.  Street Atlas doesn't need to communicate
> back to the GPS receiver so just leave that signal
> line disconnected between them.  Two signals (transmit
> and receive) between the radio and the GPS receiver
> and one signal from the GPS receiver to the computer.
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>> Subject: [aprssig] GPS/PC/D7A
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>> I will be out of town next month, and will be
>> running my D7A as my 
>> primary unit, along with GPS. I also have my
>> notebook computer running 
>> Street Atlas 2007.
>> When I'm home, I have no problem running both,
>> thanks to the dual serial 
>> outputs on the GPS receiver. However, when I rent a
>> car, my portable 
>> unit limits me to one.
>> So my question is...Has anybody had success in
>> making the GPS data pass 
>> through the D7 while it's in APRS mode? I don't have
>> APRS+SA or other 
>> similar software for the notebook (yet), so for now,
>> I have to hope 
>> there's a trick that makes it possible to leave the
>> HT in APRS mode for 
>> beaconing, and pass GPS data to Street Atlas for
>> navigation.
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