[aprssig] Remote HF SkyCommand on the air

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 24 14:20:12 CST 2007

Our SkyCommand remote base is now on the air:


It works great!  From the front panel of my Mobile D700 or D7 HT I can now control the TS-2000 HF rig at work.  Here are lessons learned:

* Does the VHF link ever time out? [Yes, after 10 min)
* What does #1 ON/OFF command do?  (I see no change.)
* Can others share my rig?         [Yes! Use CMDR call!}
* Can we chat on UHF for coord?    [YES, w different PL]
* Can all D7/700's see HF freq?    [yes!]
* what is safe TS2000 VHF TX pwr?  [5w only gets warm]
* How to remotely band change?     ?????
* How to delete char in callsign?  [CLEAR key on TS2000]
* What about PATH?                 [must be direct]

I'm still stuck on 20 meters and just cannot seem to get it to band change.  For a few tests, direct freq entry worked, but now it wont anymore again.  I enter 14.123.11 and it goes to 14.123.11 MHz, but if I enter ANY OTHER BAND including 21.123.11 even with the same number of digits, it simply will not change bands.  

THis is where I started.  But then for several tests it DID QSY to any BAND by direct frequency input, but now it is back to no-band change.  Must be some setting on the TS-2000...

Lots of fun now commuting and being able to listen to something new for a chnage.

Bob, Wb4APR

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