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[aprssig] Cheap Solar Panels

Kriss A Kliegle kliegle at comcast.net
Sun Feb 25 16:09:01 UTC 2007

   Unfortunately they're not cheap, even at HarborFreight they get $8/watt!!! At Solar-electric.com (Northern Arizona Wind and Sun) you can get large panels for $4.70/watt. Still, no bargin though.

   I purchased all of mine used from Ebay and local word of mouth sales for about $2.00/watt. You just have to look around at those Want-Ad type magazines at the local quick mart store, because I've purchased them from there too!

Kriss KA1GJU
KA1GJU-3 Solar Powered WX digi
W1WQM/R Solar/Wind Powered Voice 2M Repeater
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