[aprssig] SkyCommand again...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 26 19:01:27 CST 2007

SkyCommand Mystery solved by Byon, KB9LNC:

> I am certain that while I was experimetneting with Sky-
> Command, that I could just change bands by simply entering 
> a new frequency on another band.   And it would go there. 
> At first, it did not work...  Then it did for a while,...
> Now then, it wouldn't.

Byon says you have to shut down the RX link (on VHF using the #2
key) to change Bands.  Tried it and it works! That also explains
why sometimes it worked and sometimes not.  So now SkyCommand is
fully operational with multiple users in the local area.  Now
all I gotta do is buy an automatic antenna tuner before I let
anyone transmit.

See system:

You ask, why not control it over the internet?  Well, because I
think HAM radio is an RF kinda thing.  Being able to monitor HF
from my D700 via SkyCommand while I am in the mobile is kinda
neat.  Actually, this just adds to the things one can do on the
heads-up front panel of their D7 or D700:

1) Send and receive Email (via APRS MSG to EMAIL)
2) Send and receive WinLINK email (APRS-link system)
3) Query the QRZ database (via APRS MSG to SAQRZ)
4) See Freqs/loc's of local VOICE repeaters while traveling
5) See alerts to local nets and hamfest objects
6) See traffic info from APRS-TRAFFIC alerts
7) Remotely OPERATE any public SKYCOMMAND RADIO!
8) Oh, and APRS (positions, messages, Igates, FINDU, etc)


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