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[aprssig] Bar Code Formats for APRS

Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at kd4rdb.com
Tue Feb 27 21:46:54 UTC 2007

What would be slick would be if you could program a bar code reader with a
prefix and/or suffix..... I'm sure could be done with an additional pic
chip.  so you scan a bar code that represents a callsign and the reader
appends the position and sends.  would be good for applications like
scanning runners past a checkpoint.


On 2/27/07, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> I think a BarCode Application is ideal for APRS.
> > IF the entrant's scorecards could be barcoded, they
> > could be scanned on the way IN to a stage and on the
> > way OUT of a stage.
> I hope we can integrate the Barcodes into APRS in a seamless way
> so that they can be tabulated even on existing machines.  Here
> are some options:
> >STATUS Packet...
> :BLN1SCAN :A bulletin to all
> :DATABASEx:A message to "databaseX callsign"
> =POSIT/position comment text
> MESSAGE FORMAT:  A message to s specific applications callsign
> wouild be great for generic applications.  They will be captured
> by all APRS clients and can be captured in FINDU etc.
> POSIT FORMAT:  The POSIT format is good for an application where
> the person with the wand is moving about.  Such as moving
> through a building or something (or a cave) and whenever they
> see a barcode on the wall, they scan it and their wand sends the
> LAT/LONG position AND any other data that is on the bar code.
> Can anyone see any application that cannot be fit into either of
> these formats?
> Bob, WB4APR
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