[aprssig] barcodes, etc.

kc9umr at freqradio.com kc9umr at freqradio.com
Wed Feb 28 06:39:29 CST 2007

I'll make my situation even tougher to solve...

I don't want a computer at every client.  I ONLY want a computer at net

there's just not enough space or time at the start / finish control points
to allow for a computer to be set up....

maybe for something not QUITE as cramped...  an on-road rally, or

> But here's another novel idea I've never heard suggested before.
> The barcode scanners have a PCMCIA slot, as do a LOT of similar
> Devices, as well as almost all fairly modern laptops.  If we had a
> PC-Card based TNC it would be trivial to turn almost any of these
> Devices into a full fledged APRS client.  All you'd need would be an
> HT or other external radio, easily interfaced by a simple dongle.

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