[aprssig] RE: PC Card, barcodes, etc.

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 28 12:16:49 CST 2007

Ray McKnight wrote:
> Maybe so.
> But for us, Hams, is this important?
> Do most Hams run out and buy a new $2000 laptop just to play APRS?
> No.
> Do most Hams, tens of thousands, have laptops 3-5 yrs old?
> Probably.
> So do most Ham laptops have the ability to utilize a PC-Card device.
> > 
> __._,_.___
My latest $500 laptop does not have a pc card slot or a A drive,
but does have a serial and parallel port and 4 USB ports
That is why I bought it.
I just got a wattmeter/swr box that uses the parallel port.
My latest toy is a computer to radio interface with built in sound card 
that uses the usb port.

Most Hams do want to use old and sometimes free computers and hardware.

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