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There is a train that makes the trip up the mountain and an amateur repeater on top (unless something has happened to them) that would make communications and taking equipment up easier than wearing out a car.  Does anyone have the authority to allow the train to be used to carry hams and their gear up and down?


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Last evening I was talking with the ham that organizes the ham support for
the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon. This is the 3rd oldest marathon in the
US. On Saturday they run 10 miles and gain 6000 feet in altitude. Then on
Sunday they run up and back down. He was telling me that they use packet to
report the runners as they arrive at the top back to the bottom at the start
line for the Ascent. I commented that this would be a perfect use for APRS.
As the runners pass the hams positions on the hill the bib numbers could be
sent back down and displayed on a monitor so that spectators, families, and
race officials could see the progress of the runners. He said that there
would be know way he could find hams that would carry the needed equipment
up the mountain to their location. I told him that in most locations that a
D7 would be all that would be required (maybe a better antenna and of course
a spare battery back. But these would also be needed for voice
communications.) Also, a tracker or D7 for the S&R folks that are foot
mobile during the event. 
   How can I best sell this idea? His final comment was we are going to
continue doing this the way that we always have done it.

Dave N0EOP

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