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[aprssig] TNC-200 Assistance

Rich Schiller w4rse at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 1 00:32:02 UTC 2007

I would like to thank all of the people that helped by giving advise.  Here
is an update to the issue.
I am running UI-View 32 V2.03 and I get no activity, (blinking lights or
packets in the Monitor) in KISS mode.
The only light that blinks is the DCD light, goes off when the squelch is
My port settings are as follows,
Baud: 1200, also tried 9600
Data Bits: 7
Parity: Even
Stop Bits 1
I now receive mostly characters on the power cycles, but no other
communication.  The characters are not always the same.
The Key sequence, [<Alt> 192, Q, <Alt> 192] produces nothing in hyper-term
in any variant, (all one line, each sequence separate, or without spaces and
Don;t know if this helps or not, but the serial number for the TNC is 27446.
There are also labels, handwritten, on some of the e-proms, they are as
State 1.09
TheNet 2.11 st
Rich Schiller - W4RSE
W4RSE at earthlink.net

I have recently acquired a used TNC-200 and I am unable to communicate
between it and the computer.  When power is applied I get 5 lights on the
front and while I am connected to the port with HyperTerminal all I get are
"off the wall" characters, nothing legible, and no commands are accepted.

I have matched the baud on the TNC to the baud on the port and vice versa,
trying everything between 1200 and 9600 baud.

I have tried using a null modem, to no avail. 

Don't know if I am missing something, or just loosing my mind. 

Any assistance is appreciated 

Rich Schiller - W4RSE 
W4RSE at earthlink.net 

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