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Kurt A. Freiberger kurt at badgers-hill.net
Tue Jan 2 15:25:19 CST 2007

Take another pair of power poles with no wires and place onto the 
connector.  Then wrap the whole thing in Scotch 23+, and apply a liberal 
coating of ScotchKote.  That'll keep the water out when you're not using 
it.  When you need it, simply slit the outside, and peel everything off.


Dale Blanchard wrote:
> Al Wolfe wrote:
>>    If you are concerned about power pole connectors in a damp 
>> environment just fill them with silicon grease before you shove them 
>> together.. Can be messy but it works well. Vaseline, Penatrox, axle 
>> grease, etc, have been used as well.
>> Al. K9SI
> I leave mine open so the water can dry out.
> Silicon grease attracts alkali dust in the desert,
> when it gets wet it can cause some leakage.
> Power poles are silver plated. Clean and dry works for me.
> dale
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