[aprssig] Help with Interfacing a GPS to Kantronics KPC-3

EXT-Maetta, John john.maetta at boeing.com
Wed Jan 3 16:19:30 CST 2007

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

I can communicate with the TNC via my laptop. So, I know that text is
getting into it OK.  
My laptop also displays GPS data from the GPS, so I know the GPS is
sending data.

>I have connected the TNC the laptop and sent the captured GPS strings 
>to the TNC.  Still no Xmit from the TNC.  I use the same cable to 
>configure the TNC so I know data is getting to and from the TNC.
>I am using Hyperterminal to setup the TNC and to also transmit the GPS 
>text file to the TNC. The KPC-3 does not seem to parse or recognize the

>$GPGGA or $GPRMC string headers, ethier from the GPS or the laptop.
>I have tried using a null modem solution from the GPS to the TNC, but 
>no luck.  Data does leave the GPS and I connect the GPS to the TNC via 
>pin 2(Tx in) and 7 (Gnd).
>My KPC-3 is version KPC3P-E6ED7265-8.2. Is my F/W capable of performing

>this GPS parse?


John N6VMO

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>         I would suggest you connect the TNC to a computer and see if
> can read the strings from it.  If not, then you know the data isn't 
> getting to the TNC and there is something else going on.  If the TNC 
> doesn't have the strings in it, try putting a null modem between the
> and TNC and see if that fixes it.

John I would suggest you do what Earl suggested. As far as I can tell
still haven't done this. Connect to the TNC and see if the data WAS
by the TNC.  You can send data to it all you want but it it's not
it ain't gonna work.;-)

Richard Amirault                                N1JDU
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