[aprssig] Help with Interfacing a GPS to Kantronics KPC-3

EXT-Maetta, John john.maetta at boeing.com
Wed Jan 3 16:41:24 CST 2007


I use my laptop's serial port with Hyperterminal and cable to 'simulate
the GPS' by sending the captured GPS $GPxxx strings to the KPC. 
This is the same cable, laptop and terminal program I use to set the KPC

The KPC still does not see the strings.  The only thing I did not verify
is the data actually reaching the KPC using an o'scope. But it must,
because I can configure the KPC. There may be some querk with
Hyperterminal, but that is the only terminal program I have on the

I should be able to send the string
$GPGGA,202153.53,3449.9685,N,12026.9276,W,1,04,2.0,00032,M,,,,*30 to the
KPC and have it parse and send it to the radio. It should also store it
in the LT buffer.

This string is what my GPS just sent to my laptop.


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At 03:19 PM 1/3/2007, EXT-Maetta, John wrote:
>I can communicate with the TNC via my laptop. So, I know that text is 
>getting into it OK.
>My laptop also displays GPS data from the GPS, so I know the GPS is 
>sending data.

         But you still have to ensure that the TNC is "hearing" the


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