[aprssig] Help with Interfacing a GPS to Kantronics KPC-3

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Wed Jan 3 16:48:10 CST 2007

At 03:41 PM 1/3/2007, EXT-Maetta, John wrote:
>I use my laptop's serial port with Hyperterminal and cable to 'simulate
>the GPS' by sending the captured GPS $GPxxx strings to the KPC.
>This is the same cable, laptop and terminal program I use to set the KPC

         But what I'm trying to say, and it may be more basic than 
what is needed here, is that the TNC is configured the same as a 
modem -- what do they call that???  DCE or something?  And it appears 
your GPS is configured the same way, because you can see the data 
from the TNC (the "sign on message") and you can also see the strings 
from the GPS.  This means that data FROM each is on the same pin, 
when it should, in fact, be on different pins.  The GPS should 
emulate your computer, not the TNC.

         Somebody jump in here, I know what I'm trying to say, but I 
don't have the right words to say it!

         7 3

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